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Bringing Your Business Vision to Life with AI

Discover the proven system to unlock the Power of AI to
help you break through barriers, create a vision for success
a strategic plan to get there and 10x your business growth,
productivity and lifestyle in 1/10th the time. Don’t just adapt
to the future, shape it with AI Business Modeling Mastery.

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"You recognize AI's transformative potential but feel lost creating a clear, actionable plan to integrate AI into your business strategy?"

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"You're swamped with mundane tasks that AI could automate, leaving you little time to focus on strategic growth and innovation?"

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"You have grand visions for your business but struggle to harness the power of AI due to limited resources or knowledge?"

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"You're wrestling with inefficient systems and the thought of delegating tasks to AI seems complex and overwhelming?"

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"You're captivated by the thought of AI revolutionizing your business, but you're uncertain about the first steps to take?"

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"You're investing long hours with less return than you'd like, and you're seeking help with the efficiencies that AI offers?"

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Imagine if...

You had a strategic plan to integrate AI into your business accelerating your path to achieving your goals and reaching your vision!

You had an expert AI marketing assistant creating a powerful business marketing strategy, turning your business into a growth powerhouse!

You had AI analyzing your business data, providing insights that help you make smarter, data-driven decisions, and propelling your business growth!

You had an AI productivity assistant, keeping you on track, holding you accountable, tracking your results, and supercharging your productivity.

You could leverage AI to earn more income, reduce your workload, and enhance your quality of life like never before!

AI Business Modeling Mastery


Client success stories
Client success stories
Client success stories
Client success stories
Client success stories
Client success stories
Client success stories
Client success stories
Client success stories
Client success stories

"Over the past couple years, we’ve had the pleasure to work with Roy to help quickly scale our business by building powerful virtual teams. Within just the first 2 months of working with Roy we were able to take our first vacation in years as our new virtual team was already able to completely manage our business. At Roy’s suggestion we continued to grow our virtual team which, as a result helped increase our revenue by over 600% while at the same time drastically reducing our work hours allowing us to spend far more time with our families."

Brandon Reich / Choice Valuation / CEO

"I’m going to get right to the chase. Get on the Roy Meyer bus, train, plane or whatever he’s driving. When I first joined one of Roy’s mastermind groups I set a goal of growing my company by 50% in the first year, and I did exactly that because I followed Roy’s model, his techniques, principles, practices, marketing, how I organize myself, all of the things he was doing I just followed along. Roy is also constantly innovating and leading us into groundbreaking areas. If you’re thinking of joining one of his programs, don’t hesitate, just join, it’s a no brainer!"

Adam Wiener / Aladdin Appraisals / CEO / Real Estate

"I had a marketing summit with a ton of entrepreneurs and we brought in a very special speaker, Roy Meyer, and boy did he bring amazing value all about outsourcing, how to do it right, how not to do it, what pitfalls to avoid, what to do, what not to do. It was fantastic and everyone in attendance mentioned what great value they got. If you’re thinking of working with Roy in any capacity whether it’s speaking at your events or investing in some of his products or services I highly recommend him as he’s also someone with a ton of integrity."

Henry Evans / Get Clear Marketing / CEO

"I wanted to share a few thoughts on the benefits of being part of Roy’s mastermind. First, it’s awesome being able to talk with like minded members from around the country. I wanted to change my business model as I knew there was a better way than working 80 hours a week. Since joining I’ve truly seen results as I’ve hired two virtual assistants, have reduced my work hours, and now have a family life. Hopefully these words will help you in your decision making but I can’t stress enough that working with Roy is well worth your time and your investment."

Andrew Quiggins / Louisville Valuations / Owner

"I always wanted to hire a full time virtual assistant but I didn’t know where to start and with Roy’s help, I was able to find an amazing VA. Roy’s really good at not only helping you find a VA but also how to leverage them to grow your business. Can’t thank Roy enough for helping me free up my time so I can focus on those activities that bring in the most revenue. Roy is a wealth of knowledge so if you’re looking for more time and freedom in your life, I highly recommend you reach out to Roy and go through any of his programs as I guarantee, you won’t regret it."

Jon Barrett / Implementation Agency / CEO

"The mastermind group Roy has put together is simply amazing and I’m so thankful to be a part of it. This is the real deal! If you’re truly serious about growing your business, succeeding, having more time for your family, for life, Roy will help get you to places you never imagined and not only take your business to the next level, but the next level after that and then the next level after that! If you find yourself lucky enough to be able to learn from Roy Meyer, don’t hesitate to take that opportunity. I guarantee you will not regret it."

Tim Packard / Real Estate Professional

"My name is Conrad Meertins and I’m the owner of Choice Appraisal Services. Roy Meyer assisted me in hiring a virtual assistant which has turned out to be one of THE best business decisions I have ever made! Roy helped me through the entire process of bringing on a VA and Roy has been an invaluable resource to me ever since. Not only is Roy very knowledgeable but he’s also a very genuine person. I highly recommend Roy’s coaching services and/or any of the services he offers to real estate professionals or anyone interested."

Conrad Meertins / Choice Appraisals / Owner

"My name is JoAnne Funch and I’m an international LinkedIn strategist. I recently attended a presentation by Roy Meyer. He is an amazing marketer and I highly recommend that you follow what he teaches as he’s really a visionary and a real strategist. I liked one of his ideas by just focusing on that one big strategic thing in your business and getting good at it, how that can entirely change the face of your business, how you reach your audience, and bottom line how you’re going to make more money. Great job Roy as I really enjoyed your presentation."

JoAnne Funch / LinkedIn for Business / Founder

"Roy Meyer has completely transformed my business. When I met Roy I was a one man shop struggling to figure things out. Since I met Roy, I now have a FT virtual assistant, an in-house assistant, three certified appraisers, two new trainees, and two new staff ready to start. Without Roy, none of this would have happened. Roy also provides so many resources and connections that normally we wouldn’t have access to. I highly, highly recommend Roy’s programs as he’s completely transformed my business and also made the quality of my life so much better."

Paul Rowe / Rowe Appraisal Group / Owner

"I wanted to share some of the benefits I’ve received since joining one of Roy’s mastermind groups. I was skeptical at first when I first joined however, the info I’ve received has not only allowed me to transform my business but also look at many of my other projects in a much different way. The big benefit I’ve received is mindset and helping me to formulate new ideas and it has made a world of difference. Being part of this tribe, and that’s really what this is, has really improved me as a business owner and I highly recommend it."

Jimmy Roberts / Renaissance Appraisals / President

"My name is Laurie Satushek and I’m a team leader here at Keller Williams Western Realty in Bellingham, Washington. We had Roy Meyer give a presentation to many of the top agents in our office in which he talked about how to utilize virtual assistants in our business and it was the best 45 minute talk that myself and many of the agents here have ever had. Thanks so much Roy for the fabulous information as we were so happy to have you and I know my business is going to grow because of it. Thank you!"

Laurie Satushek / Keller Williams Western Realty / Team Leader

"Several years ago I started a small appraisal firm operating in the Denver area in which I was the bottleneck in my business. I was constantly overwhelmed, bogged down, unable to get my head above water, stressed to the point of being burnt out, and working way too hard for not near enough money. After joining Roy’s mastermind program and being introduced to how I could scale my business utilizing virtual teams, I have since hired eight virtual assistants, scaled my business to three different states, and 10x’d both my revenue and my profits."

Kurt Steighan / Stieghan Valuations / CEO

"I joined one of Roy’s mastermind groups which changed my entire business perspective. As part of his group I get to network and discuss ideas with many of the top performers in the country. Roy is so knowledgeable about marketing, business, and the ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ things. If you’re not in one of Roy’s programs, I don’t know what you’re waiting for because the cost of entry is a steal! If you’re interested in growing and changing your business and freeing up your time you have something to gain from this, and you’d be a fool not to join."

Bill Altermatt / Altermatt Appraisal Services / Owner

"I wanted to grow my knowledge about marketing and Roy has shown me the different ways to improve and market myself. I’ve had really good success with this because of Roy’s monthly meetings, trainings, and guest speakers he brings in. I can’t say enough good things about Roy and this program as being part of Roy’s group has been a great experience. If you’re thinking about joining one of Roy’s programs I wouldn’t think too long and hard. I’d get back with Roy and get signed up. And the cost of his programs, you’re going to make back real quick!"

Brad Bassi / Strawhat Enterprises / Owner

"I’ve been part of one of Roy’s mastermind groups since it started and it has been a great experience. There’s so much information that Roy gives you that you leave the meetings just overwhelmed with how much great knowledge you just received. It also really inspires you to go out and build and thrive in your business. You also get to meet, network, and interact with great people from all over the country. It’s been a great experience and I would highly recommend you join as it will be an awesome experience for your business."

Kevin Allin / Valuation Technology / Owner

"Before I joined Roy’s mastermind group I was a one person operation struggling to find my way. I had zero marketing efforts and was trying to find out how to make my business a success. Fast forward to today, I now have a new assistant working with me and a 2nd appraiser working with me as well. My business is better than ever and none of that would have ever happened without Roy and his group. If you’re thinking about joining one of Roy’s programs I’d give it a lot of thought because it is one of THE best things you could do for your business."

Steven Fisher / Fisher Appraisal Group / Owner

"I joined Roy’s mastermind group because I found out you can teach old dogs new tricks. It’s a wonderful group of professionals who help keep you apprised of what’s going on in the industry. If you’re thinking of joining one of Roy’s mastermind groups and wondering if it will help, my answer to you is yes, and very much so. It’s a wonderful group of individuals who are willing to share their vast knowledge and experience and help you learn. It’s been a great experience for me and I’m sure it will be the same for you."

Paul Leis / PJL Realty Advisors / President

What’s inside
the program

Lifetime access to 9 powerful AI Business modeling training modules (includes updates). Master ChatGPT, AI business strategies, and create your own AI team.

You’ll also get 60 day access to weekly Q&A support calls, hot seats, and more as well as 60 day access to our private Facebook group and membership site.

Bonus: 60 day access to our additional bi-weekly Planning/Productivity calls and Outsourcing training. Learn to master your time & work at peak efficiency.

Join a dynamic community of entrepreneurs. Learn,
share, and grow together in this exciting AI journey.
This is more than just a program, it’s a community!

take a peek inside the program

ChatGPT Mastery

Begin your journey from AI novice to ChatGPT master. Unleash AI's potential, making it your secret weapon. Use AI conversations to fuel growth and outpace competitors. Bring your business vision to life with AI. Embrace the AI revolution, redefine success, and step into the future.

Live support calls

Experience 8 weeks of live support calls, ensuring your success in your AI journey. Benefit from Q&A sessions, hot seats, and more. We're committed to providing the guidance you need. Your success is our success. Navigate the AI landscape with expert guidance.

Create your AI team

Create a dynamic AI team to supercharge your business. An AI marketing assistant for content and lead generation. A productivity assistant to keep you on track. A branding assistant to build a powerful brand. An SOP assistant to streamline your business, and more!. All tailored to your needs.

Outsource training

When AI technology is paired with outsourcing, businesses
can achieve exponential growth in a fraction of the time. AI technology can analyze data and identify new opportunities, while a virtual team can implement the strategies necessary
to capitalize on those opportunities. Learn how to combine
both and quickly take your business to new heights!

AI powered marketing

Unleash the power of AI in your marketing. Craft compelling content, generate leads, and build a brand that resonates. AI isn't just a tool, it's your team. It's your edge in a competitive market. With AI, your brand becomes a beacon in the marketplace.

Advanced AI tactics

Unleash ChatGPT’s full power for unmatched success. Learn advanced tactics to strategize, scale, and streamline your business. Uncover trends, analyze your website, track and outpace your competition, and much more! Unlock exponential growth and revolutionize your business.

hey there

I'm Roy

As a seasoned veteran in AI business modeling, I’ve
been in the trenches, teaching countless others how
to scale with and leverage the incredible power of AI.

My mission? To help you carve out a clear vision,
devise a bulletproof AI business strategy, and strike
the perfect work-life balance.

I’m not one for empty promises. My track record is
solid, built on real-world successes of my clients.
Your victory is my victory. So, let’s get started!

Is AI Business Modeling
Mastery right for you?

This is for you if…

You’re ready to harness AI’s power to
transform your business landscape.

You desire a lucid business vision and
AI’s strategic prowess to achieve it.

You’re eager to command AI technology
to amplify your business growth.

You’re driven to craft a prosperous
business that enhances your lifestyle.

This is noT for you if…

You’re set in your ways and closed off to
embracing the transformative power of AI.

You insist on handling every aspect of your
business, resisting the efficiencies of AI.

You’re looking for a magic bullet and are unwilling to put in the work to succeed.

You don’t enjoy high level success, palm trees, hanging out on tropical beaches.

what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying
what our clients are saying

Real reviews from just a few of our past members.

More time
More money
More freedom

Will you be our next success story?

Real reviews from just a few of our past members.

More time
More money
More freedom

Will you be our next success story?

Join AI Business Modeling Mastery

Bringing Your Business Vision to Life with AI

About Course

Welcome to AI Business Modeling Mastery – your fast-track to business transformation. This isn’t just a course, it’s a revolution. With nine detailed modules, you’ll master ChatGPT, create powerful business and marketing strategies, and create a powerful team of AI assistants that will redefine your business.

You’ll learn to automate, optimize, and make AI data-driven decisions that fuel growth. You’ll create a powerful AI marketing assistant that knows both your brand and your audience inside and out, and a productivity assistant to supercharge your productivity and keep you on track.

In addition, you get 60 day access to weekly ‘live’ support calls including Q&A calls, hot seat sessions, and more! You’ll also get 60 day access to our private Facebook group and private member’s site where you can collaborate and network with other members as well.

And the bonuses? Five additional AI powered assistants for your personal team plus 60 days access to our highly sought after priority planning, productivity and outsource training calls to ensure you’re working at peak efficiency.

More income, less work, better life – it’s all within reach. Join AI Business Modeling Mastery today and let the revolution begin.

Course Content

Module 1: ChatGPT (Kindergarten to Expert Understanding)

  • Kickstart Your Journey: Unveiling AI Business Modeling and Course Roadmap
  • ChatGPT Uncovered: Mastering Setup, Settings, and Chat Organization
  • AI Boundaries: Understanding the Limitations and Restrictions of ChatGPT
  • Conversation Mastery: Perfecting Tone, Personality, and Success Seeding
  • Advanced Chat Techniques: Unlocking the Power of Brainstorming and Planning
  • Plugin Power: Enhancing Your CGPT Power with Internet Browsing and Plug-ins

Module 2: Creating Your Expert Marketing Assistant

  • Building Your AI Team: Crafting a Customized AI Marketing Assistant
  • Brand Immersion: Training Your AI Assistant to Breathe Your Brand
  • Niche Navigator: Equipping Your AI Assistant with Target Audience Insights
  • Pain Point Proficiency: Prepping Your AI Assistant to Address Audience Needs
  • Role Definition: Assigning Responsibilities to Power Your AI Assistant’s Potential

Module 3: Creating Your Targeted Marketing Assets

  • Magnetize Your Audience: Crafting Powerful Lead Magnets
  • Landing Page Success: Creating Engaging Landing Page and Email Sequence
  • Gratitude with Impact: Designing Effective Thank-You Page and Follow-Up Emails
  • Newsletter-Email Mastery: Crafting a Compelling 10-Email Newsletter Sequence
  • Content Powerhouse: Generating Targeted Content to Nurture Your Audience

Module 4: Creating Your Targeted Marketing Plan

  • Marketing Blueprint: Create a Comprehensive 30-Day Plan and Content Calendar
  • Content Machine: Generating 30 Days of Engaging, Multi-Platform Content
  • Streamline Your Success: Creating Efficient SOPs and Workflow for Your Plan
  • Social Media Mastery: Process Mapping Your Path to Social Media Success
  • Action Plan: Detailed Step by Step Action Plan to Launch Your Marketing Plan
  • CRM Conqueror: Setup and Managing Your CRM with ChatGPT (Trello Example)

Module 5: Creating Your Expert Productivity Assistant (PA)

  • Productivity Unleashed: Introducing the 3x3x3 Framework for Success
  • Visionary Goals: Harnessing Your (PA) for Vision, Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Time Triumph: Mastering Priority Planning and Time Management with Your (PA)
  • Calendar Control: Managing and Maximizing Your Schedule with Your (PA)
  • KPI Commander: Tracking Success with Your (PA)

Module 6: Advanced AI Tips, Tools and Strategies

  • Bio Brilliance: Crafting Engaging Bios with ChatGPT
  • Tagline Triumph: Creating Powerful Taglines and USPs with ChatGPT
  • Website Warrior: Analyzing and Improving Your Website with ChatGPT
  • Competitive Edge: Gaining Insights with ChatGPT Competitor Analysis
  • Market Master: Uncovering Trends with ChatGPT Market Analysis
  • Seamless Integration: Merging ChatGPT with Google Docs
  • AI Arsenal: Exploring Additional AI Resources to Help Scale & Streamline

Module 7: Leveraging AI with Virtual Assistants for Exponential Growth

  • Team Power: Maximizing Growth with AI and Your Virtual Assistant
  • AI Coach: Training Your Virtual Assistant How to Harness AI
  • SOP Success: Guiding Your Virtual Assistant to Create Effective SOPs
  • Budget Brilliance: Build Your VA Team for as Little as $5/day
  • Intern Impact: Harnessing the Power of Highly Qualified Interns for Your Team

Module 8: Real Estate Revolution: Leveraging AI for Real Estate

  • Authority Ascend: Building Your Brand and Authority in Real Estate
  • Client Connection: Crafting Effective Client Nurture Sequences
  • Presentation Power: Perfecting Your Listing Presentations with AI
  • Description Dynamo: Creating Compelling Property Descriptions with ChatGPT
  • Negotiation Navigator: Leveraging AI for Effective Negotiations
  • Lead Generation Genius: Revolutionizing Your Marketing and Lead Gen with AI
  • Open House Optimizer: Leveraging AI to Maximize Open House Opportunities
  • Team Transformer: Utilizing AI for Effective Team Building and Role Playing

Module 9: Bonus Bonanza: Exclusive Perks & Privileges

  • Bonus 1: Five Additional AI Company Assistants (Lifetime)
    • Branding Assistant
    • Workflow Assistant
    • Newsletter Assistant
    • Human Resource Assistant
    • Email Marketing Assistant
  • Bonus 2: Planning & Productivity Calls (60 day access)
    • Bi-weekly Training Calls
    • Priority Planning
    • Virtual Assistant Training
  • Bonus 3: ChatGPT Prompt Vault (60 day access)
    • Marketing Prompts
    • Real Estate Prompts
    • Strategy Prompts
    • Growing Prompt Library (added to monthly)

When You Invest In ‘AI Business Modeling Mastery’ You Get:

Plus, You’ll Receive Access to the Following Bonus Items

Bonus 1:

Bonus 2:

Bonus 3:

While you’ll maintain Lifetime Access to the Training Modules, if after 60 days you wish to remain part of our private community including access to our private FB group and member’s area, live support calls, planning calls, outsourcing and virtual assistant trainings, and training on the latest AI advancements, it’s only $97/mo. to continue (normally $197/mo.) Note, you are NOT automatically enrolled in this and if interested a sign-up link will be provided to you shortly before the end of your 60 day access.

IMPORTANT: Listen up, because this is crucial. We want to make sure you have the time and focus you need each week to not just learn, but to IMPLEMENT. That’s why we’ve strategically designed our program to unlock 1-2 game-changing modules every week. We don’t believe in overwhelming you with a flood of information. Instead, we want you to absorb, internalize, and TAKE ACTION on each lesson, setting you up for real results.

And here’s the kicker: we don’t stop there. We’re not just dumping knowledge on you and leaving you to fend for yourself. We’re in this with you for the long haul. That’s why we’re giving you an exclusive 60-days of live support. We’re here to help you overcome any obstacles that dare stand in your way because we’re dead set on your success.

You see, we’re not like the rest. We’re not here to take your money and leave you hanging. We’re here to transform you into an unstoppable force, a game-changer, a winner. We’re in it together, pushing you, guiding you, and cheering you on as you climb to the top.


The time to act
is now!

If you’re ready to stop playing small, seize control, and step into the future of business, this program is your ticket. It’s time to harness the power of AI and multiply your results without multiplying your workload. This isn’t just about business growth, it’s about life transformation. The real cost? Not taking action. Every day you delay is a day of missed opportunities and potential growth. The future is AI. The future is now. Are you in?

Frequently Asked Questions


+ -

You might be wondering, "Is this for me? Can a rookie or a pro benefit?" The answer is a resounding YES. This isn't theoretical fluff. It's battle-tested AI strategies that have proven successful, regardless of your business stage. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran, this program has the power to transform your business. The only question left is, are you ready to take the leap?


+ -

You're likely swamped with coaching programs and shiny objects, each promising the moon. What sets this program apart? It's simple. I'm personally invested in your success. This isn't just about business growth, it's about leveraging AI to build a profitable venture that fuels your ideal lifestyle. Proven model, countless success stories, and a focus on life beyond business. That's our difference.


+ -

Absolutely not. There's no contract to sign, no hoops to jump through. You get lifetime access to the AI Business Modeling Mastery training modules (plus updates). After 60 days if you decide you want to remain part of our community including access to our private FB group & members area, regular support, planning and training calls on the latest AI advancements, and more…then it's just $97/mo (normally $197/mo). If you’re interested in continuing, we’ll send you a link to join shortly before the end of your initial 60 days. Cancel anytime, no questions asked.


+ -

Why is this program so affordable? It's simple. I've been in your shoes, knowing the value of high-level coaching but unable to afford it. I could easily charge 10x for the AI-driven insights and strategies you'll gain. But my passion is to empower motivated entrepreneurs like you to achieve unprecedented success and live the lifestyle you've dreamed of. I believe in making this game-changing AI knowledge accessible, because your success shouldn't be held back by price.


+ -

Absolutely, there's a guarantee. But it's not your typical one. I guarantee that if you don't take action, if you don't invest time in yourself and your business, if you don't adopt the right mindset, and if you don't apply what you learn, you won't find success. But if you do the opposite, if you apply yourself and leverage the AI strategies we teach, then there's no limit to what you can achieve. Given the immense value and low price of this program, we don't offer refunds. And to date, we’ve never been asked for one.


+ -

Indeed! AI technology and tools like ChatGPT are a dynamic field, and our program is designed to keep pace. As a participant in our program you’ll receive free lifetime updates whenever there are substantial enhancements to ChatGPT and other AI items as they relate to the modules in our program.


+ -

The program starts as soon as you enroll! We've designed the program to be time-released, meaning 1-2 new modules will become available each week. This approach ensures you won't feel overwhelmed and will have ample time to digest and implement the learnings from each module before moving on to the next. This way, you can progress at a steady pace, fully absorbing and applying each lesson to maximize your success with AI in your business.


+ -

AI Business Modeling is a strategic approach to integrating Artificial Intelligence into your business operations, marketing, productivity, and overall growth strategy. In our program, we guide you through the process of understanding AI, specifically tools like ChatGPT, and how to leverage them to automate tasks, make data-driven decisions, and create powerful AI assistants. The goal is to help you streamline your business, increase efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in today's AI-driven business landscape. It's about transforming your business to be smarter, faster, and more adaptable with the help of AI.

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